About Us

History Of Kuma Charmers

Kuma's was founded by Bob Oliver (aka: Robert Oliver).

Today Kuma's is owned and operated by Bob and his wife CallieJo and is now being called "Kuma Charmers".

Kuma's was opened in 1981 as a carry over of the "Kuma Disco", first formed in Japan as a DJ service in 1978, by Bob Oliver while he was stationed at Camp Zama Japan. The word "kuma" is the Japanese word for bear.

In 1981 Kuma Night Club was opened as a bar/dance club featuring bands, topless dancers, alcoholic beverages, and a large dance area.

In 1996 Kuma's gave up it's alcoholic beverage license in order to allow the dancers to perform nude as is required by New York State law for nude performance, now serving non-alcoholic beverages only.

Kuma's is located in the Finger Lakes area only 9 miles from downtown Ithaca, NY, home to Cornell and Ithaca Colleges as well as being a great tourist area. Kuma's is only 12 miles from Watkins Glenn, which is on the NASCAR circuit. This area is the heart of the New York wine industry with many tours of the vineyards and wine making process.

There are presently a beautiful selection of dancers that perform at Kuma's. Over the years we have had many local dancers as well as college students dance for the club. These ladies have gone on after graduation from college to better jobs and places. One dancer had been with us on and off for about thirteen years since her eighteenth birthday, and one dancer was Ms Nude New York State in 2001. The charming ladies at Kuma's referred to as Kuma Charmers are College graduates as well as the girl next door, working at the local grocery store.

Kuma's continues to look for fresh new faces, talented dancers and other artistic performers of the nude dance.